Worthwhile Movies Similar To Beauty That Is American?

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>yfw this person performed a fucking tremendous…

/tv/ – Television & Film Start typing to fill the confirmation graphic. This proof can be bypassed by Pass customers that are 4chan. [ Learn More ] [ Login ] Record >be on /tv/ months ago >individuals were calling Edge of Tomorrow the very best sci-fi movie in deacades >researching Edge of Tomorrow to Strange >observe it recently >more humor than anything else, retarded as fuck plan (the lighting novel was shit and so they somehow managed to get worse) so does /tv/ merely hype every flavor of the month era? or can you people think Fringe Of Tomorrow was a great movie? http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/48651344#48651344

So how would you experience the Edge Runner sequel which may maybe…

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>be on /tv/ weeks previously

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