Unusual ways to use vr production for your needs

The virtual reality that passionately devotes to the company 4Experience is an unusual VR production, which is impossible not to love. It enables some different options, and the simulated environment can be similar to the real world. Visualizations created by developers during the VR production allow us to enjoy the many possibilities of using, for example, produces simulations useful for pilots, as well as help in various types of military training.
The VR production can also focus on models of repair work, construction and virtual medical scenarios which take place in a very difficult, or even extreme and unusual condition, and everything is done fictitiously, which is entirely safe for health and life of patients or constructions. The following table presents several options in which virtual reality is within reach of each of us, as the devices that bring us into this magical world are at different prices and for every pocket.

Ideas of vr production ( and) prices
Gear VR w/Controller – Latest Edition – US Version with Warranty – $89.99
VR Goggles 3D Movies / Games in Smartphones – $80.99
Oculus Rift + Touch System – $399.00
Electronics Gift Guide – $375.00
3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses  for:
– 3D Movies Video Games  – $29.99
–  Comfortable VR Goggles with Stereo Adjustable Headphone – $29.99

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