Hmm, Appealing!

Hope Santa brought you everything you wished! We’re again tomorrow with another Rat’s It’s Saturday full o’ The QTE- and ’til subsequently, we’ll leave you with Gaia The Prosh Bulldog, who’s fortunately dreaming about…something. ‘Nite, all! [*Note- Speakers, up, please. -Ed.]

Leon Trotsky Elected Most Significant Animal Of 2014

I did not understand that. My, what exactly these days, they can do. My, oh my. Don’t that defeat at all? This is best, do go on.

Snow: The Best Thing EVER

the finish of the year is when all of the awards begin moving in, and Huffington Article has chosen Edgar’s Goal Hoofster Leon Trostky as the “Most Important Animal” of the season. . Number two on the list was none other than another pal of Edgar’s Mission- Frostie Snowfall Goat, who we all possess a fond recollection of. :) GIF from HuffPo.

Rats, It’s Monday

You probably don’t recall the initial time you experienced ideal. Most likely, was gone by it. (Speakers up.)

That’s A Wrap For The Week!

if you prefer to settle, little pal- we realize. As seen on Deviant Art, from person LilTina.

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