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On Jan. 7, 2013, The Washington Examiner released the outcome of the investigation finding Walmart’s employee medical insurance is “significantly better” than Obamacare. Walmart originates under mega union labor union criticism like a retailer whose staff is both underpaid and mistreated. Like many insurance coverage that have been canceled like a result of Obamacare benefit regulations, Walmart’s health care insurance has been called “substandard.’

I come to the ER and saw a nurse who did the normal intake stuff when it came time that i can say that I had an consuming disorder, the nurse asked “What sort? You know there are two?” Pretending like I had no concept what I was talking over. Oh, please. Has anyone ever encountered education? Off to the waiting room I went simply to become taken back to the ER to wait for starters more four hours watching intoxicated persons coming in and from the ER as I sit on a gurney subsequent to a closet inside hallway. The folks in the hospital ER happen to be nice except for the fact that they kept asking me if I wanted to eat, so I ultimately said yes. The guard mentioned “Look, she’s consuming!” I hate that! The great thing was they never ever weighed me.

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